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Free Stuff - Find What You Need
Did you know that there are a lot of services and products which are offered without payment on the Internet? It's not too good to be true -it is true; and, some of these sites are what they say they are. They really do place stuff on the Net for the taking without any price to pay, and because of this they are often called "gratis", which is Latin for "without cost".

One of the specific web sites that provides these services is LoGratis.com. This is an English-and-Spanish web site which provides a centralized hub on the Internet where people who offer free stuff can meet with people looking for specific products or services.
It's an ever-evolving, ever-expanding site that gets over 180,000 unique visitors every month. I think the fact that it's a bilingual web site helps give it a much wider appeal, even just in the United States alone where the Spanish-speaking population is growing. A good example of this is a on-line language translator service posted at LoGratis, which in Spanish is called a "traductor".
LoGratis is far less complicated than some of these gratis web sites, too. Very simply, it concentrates free stuff in its ever-growing directory, where you can sign-up to offer stuff and/or to consult (seek these products or services). You can place unlimited offers and seek unlimited stuff.
The sign-up process if you want to offer things is subject to approval by the site's administrator in order to filter out spam or inappropriate content, and for checking to make sure that the right category for the offer is applied. But otherwise it's an open, and easy-to-consult platform.
On every page of the web site there is a text link called Add /añadir. Click on that and you go to a simple sign-up page for people who want to leave information regarding a gratis service or product. The new sign-ups are reviewed every week by the site administrator for relevance and to make sure that there are no scams going on, and then they get approved or denied.
With this careful oversight, the LoGratis directory is growing with only relevant links to free services or products. It is a win-win situation for the one who offers this service -because he gets his listing put up on this popular Web site and for the seeker of no-cost products and services.
LoGratis benefits from the attention by making use of Google AdSense ads on the web site for revenues. Some Web sites make money by getting referral fees for allowing manufacturers and distributors to give away merchandise samples. That's not how it works with this English-Spanish web site, though. Advertising and searching at the site are simple, free and straightforward.

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